Is there more than one type of team?

Is there more than one type of team?

As we all know, teams can operate and function in a number of different ways. Researchers have suggested that it’s the amount of time teams allocate to the planning and implementation phases of a task determines the type of team they are. We see this played out clearly in, (amongst others), our Krypton Maze activity where … Continue reading

Leadership – where does it begin?

Leadership – where does it begin? Teambuilding Solutions had the pleasure of presenting a Leadership Workshop for two hours at Eden Girls School in Walthemstowe, London. This prompted the question of when and at what age should we be thinking in terms of our own leadership and leadership style? At what age is this appropriate? … Continue reading

Can team building beat workplace stress?

In the high-pressure “now” culture in almost every work environment in the 21st century it seems stress is almost inescapable. To a certain extent stress in the workplace is needed. A reasonable amount of stress is natural to ensure employees are constantly meeting deadlines, reaching appropriate standards, and keeping organised within individual roles and job … Continue reading

Team Building Outdoors

Finally, the sun is shining and the birds are singing; the days are longer and everyone around the office is feeling happier…right? Hopefully this is the case in your team, but of course everybody is different. Different things motivate different people, and this may mean that not everybody responds to the change in season in … Continue reading