Leadership – where does it begin?

Leadership – where does it begin?

Teambuilding Solutions had the pleasure of presenting a Leadership Workshop for two hours at Eden Girls School in Walthemstowe, London. This prompted the question of when and at what age should we be thinking in terms of our own leadership and leadership style? At what age is this appropriate?

Well, we believe that the younger you introduce these concepts to children, the better equipped they will be in later life. When I think back to my own school years (quite a long time ago I know!) we didn’t receive any formal learning of teams or leadership – we learnt by doing. My first encounter with management style was at University during my degree, and that was a very formal way of learning. The rest came whilst working in the real world where all mistakes are amplified. It was only through self development did I really become to better understand how important this is in life and relationships. And yes, I’m still making mistakes!

I congratulate schools like Eden Girls for being progressive in introducing the concept and some of the terminology to children as young as Year 7 (11 to 12 year olds). After all, what are the key messages for being a good leader?

Listening skills

Positive attitude

Encourage others

Help people around you grow and develop


Are these not great attributes for our youth to aspire toward if they are to develop into the kind of adults we want them to be?

Well done Eden Girls School, we applaud your attitude and willingness to arm your pupils with important skills that they will find extremely useful not only during their school life, but later on in their adult life. This is a lesson many companies could learn!



Leadership Workshops

Leadership Workshops are designed to establish trust and responsibility within teams. Our teambuilding events are designed to bring out the best in teams and direct them to work together in harmony whilt highlighting the importance of role models and leadership.

We can achieve this by a one or two day Management Leadership Workshop using a behavioural analysis tool (one that fits in with the company’s current usage) to identify the managers own preferred style. This will then be used in conjunction with a Leadership Style questionnaire to narrow down behaviour still further.

For more information on Leadership Workshops visit our website at www.teambuildingsolutions.co.uk

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