Boosting Team Spirit with Food and Drink

When it comes to social situations, nothing brings people together and helps them to relax and bond more, than enjoying some good food and drink. After a long week at work, many of us will unwind by going out for dinner or a few drinks. For others, the actual preparation of the food is a major component in their eventual enjoyment, so may invite friends and family round for dinner parties.

These sorts of situations are commonplace in our social lives, and now is the time to introduce them into your teambuilding efforts. Activities based around food and drink can bring a wide range of different benefits to your workplace.

Just as with social situations, food and drink teambuilding activities can be split into two areas – tasting (wine and chocolate tasting spring to mind!) and preparing (how about learning how to make your own cocktails or sushi?)

Food and drink tasting activities can give your team an opportunity to enjoy something delicious with their co-workers, while also learning some interesting information that they may not already know. You can also introduce a competitive element to the day, by pitting people against each other in teams, seeing who can guess the most correct answers to a quiz at the end of the day.

Activities based around food and drink preparation will allow your team to showcase and develop their creativity, while also helping to build relationships and trust. These activities put everyone on the same level playing field, regardless of their position within the company.

There are a lot of similarities which can be drawn between preparing a meal and working, and certain skills are transferrable. To successfully prepare a delicious meal requires a great deal of creativity, innovation, time management, communication, multi-tasking, and the ability to work under pressure to tight deadlines. All of these skills are highly sought after by employers, so encouraging them within your own team will help you continue to grow and succeed.

Taking your employees on teambuilding activities is a great way to encourage the development of vital skills, but it also a fantastic opportunity for you to get to know your team in a more social environment. Activities based around food and drink can take place indoors, so are a perfect solution all year round!


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