Bring talented introverts out of their shells!

How Teambuilding Helps Boost Confidence

Any team in the workplace is made up of a collection of individuals who all contribute a rainbow of skills, knowledge, experience and personality. Different people make up different parts of a team – some with ideas, some who are planners, some who will always ensure a project is finished with all loose ends tied up and everyone has vital input.

There are instances though when there are talented members of a team who are too shy to shine. They are clever and have great ideas and excellent knowledge of their work. They don’t feel however that they have the confidence to contribute and it is a shame as their team will be even stronger with the capabilities this person could add to the office melting pot.

Bringing someone out of their shell at work takes time. Spring a big surprise on them such as informing them they have to run a meeting or give a presentation is going to make the situation worse so it’s about developing rapport, giving praise and ensuring that workload matches their capabilities to show them how much value they bring to the team.

Introverted employees are always keen that they are perceived as being liked by their colleagues and there are always opportunities for them to thrive. Managers need to know how to deal with an introverted team member and a good way to help with their confidence is often to assign them a task which requires meticulous and conscientious work. This will appeal to their quiet nature and they can show their skills off to their best as they produce heavily-detailed work which has required great concentration. As their confidence in the standard of their work grows, so will their willingness to begin to contribute in other similar projects.

Make group situations easy for the introverted team member to give their feedback. Tell them in advance of meetings the kind of thing they will need to contribute so they can come prepared. They will probably still be nervous but won’t feel the questions have been sprung on them. Thank them for sharing their thoughts and give positive feedback on their ideas. Openly rejecting what they say will push them more into their shell and it’s unkind. Ask them to put together a document or article before a meeting about a project they are working on and then to distribute it amongst the team during the meeting. This means they don’t need to verbalise their work which may make them feel shy and filled with worry beforehand, but it gives colleagues the chance to read the structured report and then give comment or to ask questions. It puts the introverted person in control as they have the answers to hand and as it is their project and article, there are no surprise subjects which could be raised.

Working to bring an introverted team member out of their shell to really show their talents takes some time but with carefully structured responsibilities given, the opportunity for them to give written information and feedback rather than verbal and letting them see that they excel at the tasks they perform all help to show their contribution and to gradually let their talents shine through and their confidence grow.

The range of programmes and workshops on offer from Team Building Solutions offer you a multitude of different ways to help & promote healthy team working skills in a variety of situations. It’s important to improve these skills in every individual of your team to ensure an effective, driven team ethic is instilled throughout your company on a short term and long term basis. You can contact our team via email at or; alternatively, you can contact us via telephone on 01425 629327 or 07887 985859.



2 thoughts on “Bring talented introverts out of their shells!

  1. Thanks for posting a great article. Internally, our staff talks a lot about introverts vs. extroverts and how to engage everyone. We notice in our team building programs that introverts often have the best ideas, but they may scribble it down on a piece of paper and get their neighbor to say it out loud for them. I don’t know that introverts need to come out of their shells to shine. I like what your blog mentioned about allowing them to shine where they are comfortable — with conscientious and meticulous work. We have learned that introverts are engaged on their own level and are an important part of the team!

  2. Definitely agree with Lauren, here. The shy ones/introvert sometimes have the better creative output and I’m guilty about it! You just need to empower these people and you’ll be surprise on what they can bring into the team. Team building is a great activity to let these shy but creative minds come out of their shell!

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