Who are Teambuilding Solutions and what do we do?

We are regularly writing about team building and what it means so we thought it about time we tell you a bit about us and our backgrounds!

Teambuilding Solutions is still a young company, founded in 2009 at the height of the financial crisis! It was founded by Andy O’Callaghan and Pete Stacey-Jackson. What, you may ask, was the reason for setting up the company during such difficult times for a huge number of companies world wide? The first and honest answer was that the company we had both been working at for several years went into administration and we suddenly found ourselves out of work! Once this situation was thrust upon us, we decided that we really loved the industry we were working in and wanted to continue to do so. Once this decision had been made, it became obvious that we should start our own company and Teambuilding Solutions was born!

Andy’s background was originally in Health and Fitness working with a wide range of market leading private health clubs. It was after experiencing a few different team development days, however, that Andy was bitten by the ‘teambuilding bug’! He gave up his job and began as a freelance instructor on team events before becoming a Belbin Team Roles Accredited Trainer and then being offered a full time role with a teambuilding company. Andy’s expertise is in the development side of team building and has since gone on to become accredited in Motivational Theory (SDI) and in MBTI.

Pete also has extensive experience in team programmes and provides a creative element to the company. Programme delivery is where Pete’s love is and he has the presence and experience to make any event a real success. Prior to eventually finding his path in team development, we often joke that Pete has tried every job under the sun – no matter what the topic is, he can often be heard saying things like ‘I know what happens because I did that job for a while!’ It’s also in creativity that Pete adds to the company – most of the activities and events we do have been designed and often build by Pete!

So, from a very difficult time to begin trading, Teambuilding Solutions has managed to grow year-on-year since its inception – a trait we would like to continue for a few years yet! Our aim is to bring a level of experience and love of what we do into our events. How are we different from other companies? The main factor is that you will invariably get Andy or Pete fronting your events as this is where their passion lies. We try to liaise closely with our clients to ensure we understand what they want out of the event, and do our best to deliver that. It’s this personal service that we take pride in.

Obviously, with additional growth, this becomes difficult. Recruitment is key in any organisation and we have been very lucky in taking on our latest member of the team Stephanie Olliff. Steph brings a high degree of order to our sometimes chaotic office! Her friendly approach is always complimented by our clients and this is something we are very proud of. As we grow, this will be a major attribute we will look for.

We also couldn’t operate our business without using freelance instructors – these are the people who work tirelessly in providing a great experience for our clients and we are always eternally grateful for their help and flexibility.

I hope that tells you a bit more about us and our ethos.  Our final words are – we love what we do and we look forward to doing it more often!


2 thoughts on “Who are Teambuilding Solutions and what do we do?

  1. Hey Teambuilding solutions,

    Great read! I work in the same sector you operate in, only in the Netherlands. In times of crisis and reform businesses need teambuilding more than ever!

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