New Year, New Team!

How many of us made New Years Resolutions? I’m positive the answer will be quite a few of us – whether it’s to shed the Christmas excess weight, find the right person for us, live life to the full this year, be more frugal with our spending, etc, etc.

My mind turns to how we may be able to utilise this new attitude in our working environment. A simple shift in attitude can have long reaching implications. A simple resolution such as ‘I’m going to get on better with Nigel in accounts’ can have a significant impact on the working environment – and I’m sure Nigel will appreciate it too!

The thing to keep in the front of our minds is that we choose our attitude. All too often we use it as an excuse for poor behaviour. We have all heard that one bad apple spoils the barrel and it’s certainly true that poor attitudes spread more poor attitudes – it’s infectious. The good news is that a good attitude and helpfulness is also contagious! Progressive companies have this attitude in spades and it doesn’t happen accidentally. Companies that know how to reward and motivate their employees are equally rewarded by the environment their employees create.

It’s also important to distinguish between the type of company that pay lip service to this – having a tick box approach to employee engagement – and those that truly believe in the ethos. Developing your teams and the attitude that exists within them isn’t straight forward or easy, it’s something that you have to be conscious of every day. It’s the same with our individual attitudes, we need to be mindful of them every day. If we can do this, we are not only contributing to a better work environment, you never know, it may also contribute to a more successful company!

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6 thoughts on “New Year, New Team!

  1. Hi, I found this article very useful and relevant. Working in Jambar Teambuilding, a team building company in Singapore, I am familiar with how merely resolving to start treating a fellow colleague nicer is a small stepping stone to better relationships in the workplace. Team building events such as yours and mine can then be catalysts for better relationships as it has been evidently shown in our clients.

    Also, would you like to be featured as a guest post on our website? I really like this article and would love for it to be on our website.

    Thank you 🙂

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