Sailing Events

Sailing is a great example of teamwork. On a boat, each member has a massive part to play otherwise you won’t get anywhere on the water. Likewise, in business you won’t get anywhere if you don’t work together.

There is also a high degree of trust involved in crewing a boat. To start with all the crew has to trust the skipper and his knowledge. If that link breaks, then the crew will fall apart at the first sign of a challenge. The skipper has to trust any calls coming back from the crew, such as ‘boat to port’ or ‘shallows ahead’.

Communication is also a huge factor on a boat, as is working together. If the calls are not made – for example a tack isn’t called – it can put someones life at risk. The boom will come flying across the boat and someone could be plunged over-board and into cold waters.

When racing, a sailing team can be put into some very challenging situations and if they have no trust or communication things will start to go horribly wrong, tempers will fray and mistakes will be made.

Also, there has to be a very defined leader, there can be no mix-up on who is the skipper on a boat otherwise calls can get confused and disagreements arise, however, there should be discussions between crew and the skipper to work out strategy. Ultimately though, the skipper should always take the final decision. If the skipper’s call didn’t work out, then the crew should feel able to discuss the reasons for this.

Challenge your staff to a teambuilding day racing against each other in matched, competitive racing yachts.


“To reach a port, we much sail – sail, not tie at anchor – sail, not drift.”

Franklin Roosevelt



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