Formula 1 Simulator

Teambuilding Solutions are delighted to introduce the newest member of the team: a state-of-the-art Formula 1 Simulator. This exquisite piece of engineering mimics an actual Formula 1 car, giving the driver the ultimate Formula 1 experience.

The package includes an amazing, full scale replica of a formula one car, fully licensed simulation software updated to include the latest F1 circuits, force-feed steering wheel with paddle shift gear controls, precision adjustable two pedal system, high specification computer, speakers and a choice of monitor configurations.

We are also using the car for our brand new team building activity: Formula 1 Challenge. Not only do you experience the thrill of driving our top-of-the-range Formula 1 Simulator, but you also get to change a wheel using all the Formula 1 kit! However, this is only a part of the challenge, we also want participants to build their own car and take part in a race against their colleagues!

F1 Pic


For more information on how you could use the car for your event, whether it’s a conference, team building day or family fun day please get in touch with us today.


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