Generating Office Happiness Through Teambuilding

This week my attention has been drawn to a fun article on Inc. 5 Ways to Generate Office Happiness. In it, Kevin Daum outlines 5 ways employers can help improve morale at work and keep the office environment exciting and engaging.

He raises some very interesting points. His first idea is that offices need real art work. Studies show that art improves mood and art that employees have produced themselves is even more beneficial. One of the things we love most about our Bigger Picture team building activity, is that teams can produce a classic work of art, or something that has been designed with their company objectives in  mind, and take it back to the office to display proudly on the wall. Teams are given sections of an image which they must recreate to produce a larger, final image. So that the image works, teams must work together, share materials, and communicate. As well as being a fantastic team building activity, participants can enjoy the artwork in the office for years afterwards!


Daum’s second idea for generating office happiness is to hold 2 minute video contests. Making videos is so much easier than it once was as we are lucky to live in a world with so much developing technology. Our iPad film making event is popular, both with those familiar with using iPads, and complete novices. Teams are tasked with creating videos or adverts that reflect company values. The videos are judged which helps get competitive juices flowing. As Daum points out, the best videos can also be used for attracting and training future talent.

It’s a well known fact that chocolate improves mood (for me, anyway!!) and Daum proposes that using chocolate in the office to reward, or celebrate, is vital for enhancing the office mood. So, what better team building event could you plan than Chocolate Making? At one of our Chocolate Making events, teams will learn how to produce delicious truffles, learning all the skills needed from our master chocolatier. The best bit is that participants can take all their chocolates back to the office to enjoy once back into the normal day-to-day routine.


If you think that any of these ideas for team building days would benefit your team, and help boost morale, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.


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