Teambuilding and Learning

Dr. Scott Simmerman’s latest blog Team Building and Learning – How to make changes is great at summing up some of the reasons why active team building can be so beneficial for a team. 

He states that participating and practising is 15 times more impactful than sitting in a classroom. We can be taught, and we can know, but it is far more difficult to put this knowledge into action in the work place. Organisations need to use engaging activities to encourage commitment to change. 

This is where team building activities become so valuable to companies. Team building activities encourage people to look at their own actions and analyse how they work with other members of their team. Instead of studying this in a classroom, they are out in the field experiencing these interactions first hand. 


One thought on “Teambuilding and Learning

  1. Thanks for a great link! I like to use physical team building exercises when getting my employees to work as a team, as none of them are very into sport or are very athletic, therefore noone really is ahead within their skills, really focusing on team work rather than turning it into a superficial or embarrassing game of ‘who is the best’ which can often be the case when it comes to team building games. I love it’s a knockout and have created different obstacle courses quite a few times.

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