Develop a growth mindset in 2013

Below is a summary of a great little read from Harvard Business Review Management Tip of the Day app, and particularly relevant with our current economic climate and the start of the New Year:

Develop a Growth Mindset

How much time do we spend on trying not to fail? However, these failures are also described as an important aspect of our own learning and development.

Develop and adapt a growth mindset and accept that failure is part of that process. Don’t just limit yourself to doing things that you know you can do – it doesn’t lead to personal growth. Instead, try things that are above your (perceived) ability and set high goals that you are not sure you will achieve. You may surprise yourself and succeed – and if you don’t, you’ll learn something new!

We’ve tried to adopt that philosophy here at Teambuilding Solutions and we have had some great success over the past year!

Don’t forget – Attitude is a choice.



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