Eligibility vs Suitability

We’ve blogged recently about how to build a winning team, and this handy little article from Belbin fits in well with our theme. http://www.belbin.com/rte.asp?id=455

The article discusses how employees fit into four different areas within the eligibility vs suitability debate. They explain how the ideal candidate, who is both eligible and suitable for a role, may not be the best option as they may be using the role as a stepping stone before moving on to a more challenging position.

The surprise fit candidates are often barely eligible for the job, but possess the suitable personality and character for the role. These candidates often become loyal to the company, and enjoy the new challenges that face them.

Belbin Team Roles are extremely useful for teams, to help illustrate how a balanced team can perform to their highest possible standard. For more information on Belbin Workshops, contact us today! We can also offer online Belbin profiles.




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