Record Breakers!

At Teambuilding Solutions we really love a challenge so when we were asked to organise a record breaker challenge for MARS Petcare UK we jumped at the chance. After a lot of thought, the record we were going to attempt would be  ‘Most pet food donated to charity in 24 hours’.

Staff from MARS Petcare weighed over 300 crates of pet food before it was loaded and transported to Leicester Animal Aid. To add to the excitement, staff also created the image of a giant Pedigree Chum can made entirely of cans of pet food set out as a mosaic. It took 100 people an hour and a half to create the image using 7500 cans of pet food.

The total weight of the cans came to 4197.5kg (smashing the world record by 3297.5kg!) and it was our job to make sure every can made it safely to Leicester Animal Aid. It took numerous trips, and a number of vans and trailers to transport every crate (not to mention a lot of lifting!). However, before long every last crate was safely stowed away, ready for the lucky cats at the centre.

We were delighted to organise this record breaker challenge. If you think your conference or teambuilding event could be made extra special by having your team attempt a new world record then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.



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