Sing and Inspire – The Choir, BBC2

Gareth Malone has been a regular on our TV screens for a number of years now. His most recent project involves getting the staff from some of the country’s most well known workplaces singing in harmony. Last Thursday we tuned in just in time to witness him forming a choir with the busy staff of the Royal Mail in Bristol.

To begin with, Gareth got a mixed reaction from the staff who are right at the centre of a series of changes within the Royal Mail including the threat of privatisation and job losses. However, on audition day he was pleasantly surprised at the number of people who turned up to try out. 30 people were chosen to create the choir, and they worked in all sectors of the company. They included Tim, a high-level executive who joined the choir to get to know his workforce better. The choir hinted that they rarely spent any time with the managers, but soon this began to change. Singing brought them all together and was a massive boost for morale within the workplace.

The actual choir members were not the only ones to benefit at the Royal Mail as the choir  performed Beatles classic “We Can Work It Out” for their colleagues and families. This clip shows choir member Pete speaking to the managers of the Royal Mail with Gareth about the choir and encouraging them to come to their performance at the mail sorting depot.

Singing as a group is a fantastic way of bringing a team together and inspiring them to work together and complement each other with their differing styles. Participants can then take these lessons back into the workplace. If your team isn’t lucky enough to have a choir led by Gareth Malone himself, then why not consider our Sing and Inspire event? Our experienced team are able to harness the individual skills and collective strength of a group to produce fantastic music.

The Choir is on BBC2 this Thursday at 9pm. What will the staff of Manchester Airport bring to Gareth’s next choir?!


7 thoughts on “Sing and Inspire – The Choir, BBC2

  1. Reblogged this on Team Building Blog and commented:

    Did anyone else see the semi-final of The Choir last night? Singing is amazing for bringing a group together – the perfect team build event. We can’t wait for the final next week!

    • Yes wonderful but why on earth do the hospital choir need their doctors to show off their status by hanging the outdated stethescope around their necks – bad enough when dressed in theatre garb but around the neck of someone in a suit is a sad reflection on a proud profession. Wake up guys you are important but this is about pulling together and you are letting the side down – my stethescope is simply a tool not a status symbol.

      • Hi Dr Fouin, thank you for commenting.
        I can see your point, but have you considered that it was the BBC’s decision to have the doctors wearing stethescopes and not their own choice?
        The fact that everyone was wearing their usual work outfits (and props in this case) made it easier for the viewer to see what part of the organisation each member of the choir came from, and this helped paint a picture of a diverse and interesting group of people coming together through song.

      • It may well be the BBC’s idea of projecting the different occupations but this is not an isolated instance of our medical profession and sister organisations saying hey look at us. Wherever you look at advertising hoardings , articles in the dailies etc medics are only too delighted to be depicted with a stethescope draped around their necks. The soaps revel in our big headedness but it seems that we as doctors see nothing odd in using such relatively outdated technology to promote our egos. Apologies for my soap box – however thought the hospital choir really excelled themselves – FLPF

    • The four choirs were made up of the staff from the Lewisham NHS Trust, Royal Mail Bristol, Manchester Airport and Severn Trent Water.

  2. Does anyone know the who arranged the version of “My Life Flows On” that they sang at the end of the final episode. It was soooo good.

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