Belbin Team Roles

I’ve blogged before about my initial thoughts as I emerge into a whole new world of team development and team building. There’s a lot to get your head around. Now I know that it’s important for companies to put aside time and money for teambuilding, I now have to evaluate what each team needs. Because, as we know, every team is unique. Every team is made up of any number of different people with any number of different characteristics. But there is a way of beginning to understand how you fit into a team.

This week I received my Belbin Team Role Report. It was very interesting. The good news is that I agree with most of the findings, a sign that, hopefully, I am pretty self-aware of my strengths and weaknesses within a team. With the Belbin report, you also have the opportunity to ask observers to assess your team role strengths and weaknesses. These varied a little, but one report was entirely different from the others. The person in question is one of my best friends, we’ve worked and lived together for 3 years and yet she saw me differently to everyone else, myself included. I found this really interesting and it made me think about our relationship and why she may see me differently. Perhaps it is because she saw me at home, as well as work and of course we all take different roles at home and at work.

A brilliant team will be made up of lots of different team roles. The different roles can compliment and contradict each other, so you can’t just assume a team will work because they have a mix of the 9 Belbin Team Roles.

If you’re thinking, ‘well that’s all very well, but what good is a piece of paper to me in getting my team working together more effectively?’ then we might just have the answer for you.

At Teambuilding Solutions we can offer a 1 day ‘Introduction to Belbin’ workshop. After discussing what makes a successful team, we will introduce you to the work of Dr Meredith Belbin and his Belbin Terminology. After assessing your team role, we will discuss all the roles and see if we can cover all the bases in your team. Then it’s time to put your new knowledge into practice!  Our fun teambuilding activities will get you thinking about how you interact with the other members of your team based on your own, and their roles.

After a successful and fun day out, you will have a lot to think about and take back to the office. Belbin team roles are not set in stone. People can change and you can develop skills and develop roles through the course of your life. Your Belbin Team Role report will show you how you see yourself, how others see you and illustrate your allowable weaknesses and roles you least associate with.

Just in case you’re interested I came out as a Teamworker, but the Belbin Report shows you where you stand on every team role so you could be very strong in one role or score highly in a number of different roles.

If Belbin’s theories have intrigued you and you would like to get some more information contact us today!


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