10 Talks Worth Watching!

Onlinemba.com have put together an article called 10 TED Talks Every Team Should Watch with useful theories and information for teams. The speakers discuss a whole range of different themes from the different character types that make up teams, the ways groups of people collaborate, the way we use language in the workplace and the way offices and places of work are organised. Examples include a teambuilding activity using just spaghetti, string, tape and a marshmallow and comparisons to the great ant colonies of the world.

We feel that listening to these speakers is useful because their messages could be relevant for many different teams. At Teambuilding Solutionsfacilitated team building event can help as part of a structured programme of team development whereby we work in conjunction with your team to overcome any issues. We can also be there to facilitate rewards for high performing teams too – a facilitated event is a way to help the high performers perform even better!


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