How important are team building activities?

Many people question the importance of team building, particularly with the economic climate and the pressure put upon keeping budgets tight. However, it’s that time of year again when the Sunday Times produces their listings of Top 100 Companies to work for – from big to small companies and also not-for-profits.

It comes as no surprise to us that team building plays a prominent role within the majority of companies listed there. This is laid out visually in the pictures contained in the supplement. A whooping 65% of all the pictures in the Best 100 Small Companies To Work For supplement contain photos of employees engaged in team building activities! Even for those companies not pictured engaging in team building activities, a strong team ethic still prevails within the companies and the welfare of staff is a prime consideration.

What may also be a surprise in the Top 100 Not-For-Profit organisations is that this attitude is also prominent with 40% of the photos in the supplement relating to team building

The message is clear – if you want to retain your best staff and become a truly great company or organisation, setting aside funds to develop employees and raise morale is one of the key building blocks to achieving this. It’s important to stress that this is only one element though, and a culture of support across a number of elements must exist.


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