What can you get for your money?

There are many discussions that go on about ROI for teambuilding events, and quite rightly so. No company wants to send their workforce out of the office for a day and pay for the privilege of them not being at work and there having no positive knock on effect.

There is also another consideration, the retention of staff through regular training and rewards. The CIPD Annual Recruitment, Retention & Turnover Survey 2010 put the cost of recruitment at £4,000 per employee. To give you an idea, you could send approximately 30 people to a country venue for the day, complete a Country Sports Event, have a great lunch and have, as a result, 30 very happy employees for the same money it costs to recruit 1 person! Is that value for money? We think so!

Even better value, complete a teambuilding activity such as The Krypton Maze for up to 80 people for the same amount!

It’s no coincidence that 75% of all photos featured in the Sunday Times Top 100 Companies To Work For feature were of people engaged in team activities. The real question you should ask is – can you afford not to?Image


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