Does Teambuilding Work?

The eternal question! Obviously, and particularly so in this climate, clients always want a return on their investment in a ‘teambuilding session’. However, without clear assessments and measures, it’s difficult to gauge if this is a success or not.

However, for anyone who recently read the Sunday Times lists of the Best 100 Small Companies and 100 Best Companies, the role team building and bonding activities plays in the culture of the featured companies speaks volumes for how teambuilding works.

Of the pictures featured in the 100 Best Small Companies to work for, 63% showed employees engaged in team building activities. In the Best Companies to work for feature, it was 44%. To my mind, that tells me that employee engagement through these type of activities, which includes social activities, is a crucial factor in determining the companies success.

In a conversation I had recently with the MD of an advertising company in London, we discussed the possibility of utilizing the money currently spent on recruitment of new employees on employee engagement activities. We are still in discussion, but even a fraction of recruitment costs would make for a very effective programme and I’m sure it would be money wisely invested.

So, does teambuilding work? I think we need to look no further than these outstanding examples of small and large companies for the answer to that!


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