Teambuilding confused with team bonding

I’ve just found another interesting article that I want to share with you. It basically tells us what we already know – true ‘team building’ is frequently confused with ‘team bonding’ activities which do nothing to increase the effectiveness of a team. please click here to view the article Teambuilding Doesn’t Work!

We have frequently tried to explain the difference between the two, but as you will read, team building is a name attached to activities where it simply should not belong. For example, an activity they cite is walking on hot coals – this is a great personal achievement, but it is not a team activity! Of course, all supposed ‘teambuilding companies’ will offer all bonding activities under the heading of ‘team building’, but please be a little more selective in your choice of activities if building your team is a required outcome. Fun team activities and reward sessions all have their place, but lets use the term ‘team building’ in it’s correct and rightful place.


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