People or Kit?

What are you actually looking for from your team building event? if the answer includes tangible outcomes, it’s fair to say that you should certainly quiz the company providing your teambuilding about the experience of the staff running it for you. Only with relevant training and experience can those providing the team building be in a position of authority when talking about how it can relate to you in the real world of work.

My suggestion to you is this, question, question, question! Ask the people providing the team building what level of expertise you can expect from those providing it. If you are not happy with the response, think about moving to another provider.

Remember, just because a company has nice equipment, it does not mean that they invest in their staff or care about real outcomes for your team.


One thought on “People or Kit?

  1. An interesting read…certainly something I have come across personally is the ability to work with people whom you really trust and the experience they offer. I think that this is true across all industries, not just teambuilding! 🙂

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