Correct use of Behavioural Analysis Tools

There was a very good article about Psycometric testing in the Sunday Times Appointments section on Sunday 8th November by Carly Chynoweth. The article quotes a survey by Xpert HR that states that approximately half of all employers use a form of testing when recruiting.
However, a growing number are misusing them when hiring senior managers as they are being interpreted as a difinitive statement.
When we run our facilitation workshops, (Belbin, SDI or Myers Briggs), we are at pains to explain that this is only an indication about your preferences for behaviour and it’s a tool to understand not only yourself, but to also understand your colleagues.
The intention is for it to be a self development tool and a teambuilding tool. An example of how this can be achieved is in the communication styles that people prefer. If I know that my line manager isn’t a detail person, any reports I make are likely to be short, bullet style affairs so that they get the important pieces without ‘zoning out’ while reading a detailed piece. They are happy they have the information they need, you are happy because they have read all the important parts of the report!


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