The answer to why my wife can never see anything beyond what she’s looking at!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen my wife coming towards me in her car and I’ve flashed my lights, waved frantically and generally tried to catch her attention only to have her drive straight past me without so much as a glance. What must I do to get this woman’s attention??!! Finally, … Continue reading

New Year, New Team!

How many of us made New Years Resolutions? I’m positive the answer will be quite a few of us – whether it’s to shed the Christmas excess weight, find the right person for us, live life to the full this year, be more frugal with our spending, etc, etc. My mind turns to how we … Continue reading

The Krypton Maze Explained

We are often asked if we can make one of our events have a certain outcome. The simple answer is yes. The perfect example of this is our Krypton Maze activity. This consists of a series of physical and cerebral challenges that are designed to test a teams team work capability. If you are of … Continue reading

The difference between ‘building’ and ‘bonding

Following on from our previous post on making a differentiation between ‘teambuilding‘ activities and ‘team bonding‘ activities, we put together a guide to help clarify the difference and illustrate ‘the team building continuum’. I hope you find it interesting!